Best Social Media Scheduling Ideas

Understanding the details of social media scheduling tools is the first hurdle toward a successful social media strategy. The next step is creating new and fresh ideas for your content that keep your audience engaged whilst aligning with your overall brand identity. Social media scheduling trends come and go, but certain content types prove powerful throughout time. Here are a few tried and tested techniques that we recommend.

Repost Audience Engagement

You don’t always have to rely on yourself to create content for your social media scheduler! Let your followers, fans or fellow industry professionals do the talking by sharing or reposting their content. This content is a perfect way to place your business within the shared space of your industry and let your audience know that you do not operate inside a bubble.

Take Advantage of Trending Topics

Engaging with trending topics on social media platforms is an effortless way to capitalise on specific cultural moments or events. While you often have a limited timeframe to work with before the content becomes irrelevant, this type of post can gain a lot of traction if done right. Try and avoid politically charged content or delicate subjects as a rule of thumb.

Develop a Regular Content Series

Creating a thematic connection between your social media posts is a sure-fire way to draw in your audience and keep them engaged for longer. By consistently posting a specific content style daily, weekly, or monthly, you allow your followers to anticipate and look forward to your posts.

Create Short and Sweet Video Clips

Considering social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image combined, with 95% of this information is retained by the viewer, scheduling bite-sized videos should be a no brainer. Creating videos may seem super complicated and time-consuming, but all you need is something simple and a few seconds long to capture your audience.

Design Tutorials or Guides

When it comes to step-by-step tutorials or quick guides, social media posts can be as effective as blog posts. This type of post suits a brief video that can condense an idea simply in under a minute. Pair this with a detailed caption if you cannot include all the information you need.

Poll Your Audience

Using organic insights and ads analytics to understand your audience certainly helps, but why not cut straight to the source? It’s a no brainer that social media users love sharing their opinion, so conducting a simple poll is a straightforward way to keep your followers engaged whilst gaining insight into their personal preferences.

Having a solid grasp of social media scheduling tools helps to cut down inactive time so you can focus on your clients. With the stakes of social media strategy rising higher and higher each year, making sure your content consistently hits that mark can feel impossible. When using GrowMOFO’s social media scheduler, keeping these content ideas in mind will ensure your strategy for success. Our leading digital marketing platform includes access to a database of over 1 million royalty-free images, so you are never without inspiration!

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