Solahart Sydney

Solahart’s Cost Per Lead has decreased 75% since beginning with GrowMetrics while their total leads increased over 100%

Since Solahart launched with GrowMetrics, their monthly leads have increased by over 100% as well as a 40% decrease in both Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Click. This has allowed their team to spend more time supporting customers and ensuring their service was satisfactory, as all the local level marketing requirements were taken care of.

Solahart Sydney

The Result


Follower Increase

Within two weeks of initiating the content direction campaign, the Solahart Sydney Instagram skyrocketed to over 148 followers, with a dramatic uptick in customer engagement on each post. By increasing posts per week with a mixture of content around specific content pillars, the use of tailored hashtags and tagging locations in posts, we continue to see improvements on the Solahart Instagram page.


Like increase per week

After implementing the Solahart content strategy, we saw a spike in engagement on Facebook, across likes, reach, shares and mentions. By focusing on key-value information such as educational content around Solar Power and outlining key benefits of Solar Energy we continue to see improvements from this method on the Solahart Social Media pages.


Ad impressions per week


Ad clicks per week

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