5 Reasons why you should consider getting influencers

Who knew that influencer marketing would’ve taken off the way that it has!

Being an influencer used to be purely reserved for celebrities or those with high followings; Now anyone who can create interesting content or know how to talk to their audience has the potential to become an influencer – Making influencer marketing a whole more accessible for brands to start using.

With a larger reach, brands should consider employing a range of influencers to develop trust with their audience and increase conversions.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider onboarding influencers:


    Aren’t all people the right people? Well, not quite. For example, If you’re a cafe, and you reach out to a food influencer for work, your products and services will go directly in front of the right eyes. By using influencers, you’ll be able to reach a certain niche. This means you can reach the people you actually want too, rather than just everyone.


    If you’re wondering what social proof is (don’t worry we had to google it too) it’s basically trusting what people say about a product or service – Like reading a review online. Influencers provide both a verbal and visual way for your audience to build trust with your brand by recommending or demonstrating how the product positively impacts their lives.


    The beauty of influencers? It’s overall a lot cheaper to create content. No more shoot days or excessive use of resources – An influencer will do most of that for you!

  4. 11 X ROI

    Considering that influencers increase reach, boost engagement and save on costs, it’s only natural that brands receive a higher ROI than most other marketing services.


    Influencers are there to basically interact with their audience, so they probably have a better, and more or less deeper understanding of their audience than you do. With this understanding, comes more engagement.

If we haven’t sold you, why don’t you try them out for yourself? Not sure how to engage with influencers to get them on board for your brand? Don’t worry, our friends down at https://nostanding.com.au/can help you out.

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