Quality vs. Quantity: Unlocking the Secrets to Effective Lead Generation

In the realm of advertising and lead generation, businesses often face two common questions: “I am getting a higher number of leads, but a really low percentage of leads are actually converting,” and “I am not getting enough leads for my budget; I am looking to generate as many leads as possible.” From an advertiser’s point of view, there is no right or wrong question. The answer depends on the specific campaign objectives and goals. In this article, we will discuss the importance of lead quality and lead quantity, and provide actionable strategies to optimise campaigns accordingly.

Understanding Campaign Objectives:

When it comes to lead generation, businesses must align their objectives with the desired outcomes. Sometimes, the focus may be on acquiring high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers immediately. In other cases, the goal might be to collect information about potential customers as much as possible for future advertising purposes. Let’s delve into each scenario and explore strategies to optimise lead quality or quantity accordingly.

Optimising Lead Quality:

For businesses that prioritise lead quality, the following actions can help enhance the overall quality of leads generated:

  1. Adding a greeting section to lead forms: By including additional information alongside the ad, users are encouraged to read and reconsider before submitting their information. This step allows for a more informed decision-making process.
  2. Using high-intent lead forms: Selecting high-intent lead forms prompts Meta to show the submitted information to users before completing the form. This enables users to review the provided information, reducing the likelihood of errors.
  3. Utilizing custom lead forms: Custom lead forms allow businesses to include testimonials, product information, and other relevant details at the initial step. This extra information helps potential leads understand the offer and campaign better before submitting their information.
  4. Implementing web lead forms: If you have an existing website, developing website lead forms can be beneficial. Users will manually fill in the information, reducing the chances of inaccurate data provided through automated form fills. Employing Meta Pixel can enable tracking for website lead forms.
  5. Audience adjustments: Fine-tuning the audience using Meta’s audience tools allows businesses to target users with similar behavior to their current customer base. By providing current customer data, a lookalike audience can be created. Additionally, audience-narrowing options can be used to exclude unwanted categories further.

Enhancing Lead Quantity:

For businesses seeking a higher volume of leads, the following tactics can help increase lead numbers:

Removing greetings sections: Eliminating the greetings section allows users to submit their information directly without any interruptions. Clicking on the ad automatically opens the information fields, streamlining the lead submission process.

Offering a reward at the end of the lead form: Incentivising users to complete the lead form by mentioning rewards in the ad can drive higher participation. For example, if you are running ads for culinary courses, offering a free recipe book PDF at the end of the lead form as a reward for providing information can entice potential leads.

Using more volume lead forms: Opting for more volume lead forms, instead of high intent forms, eliminates the information review page. Once users submit their information, the form completion happens simultaneously, reducing friction in the process.

Targeting broader audiences: To expand lead generation efforts, keeping the audience broader without excessively detailed targeting options can help Meta’s algorithm find more leads. This approach widens the pool of potential leads.

Do not include the price: Including the price of your offer may cause users to reconsider submitting their leads. When writing ad copy, focus more on providing information to encourage users to submit their details and obtain more information.

At GrowMetrics, we always prioritise understanding our client’s needs and providing the best solutions tailored to them. We guide our clients on the correct path to finding the optimal solution within their budget and main objectives. Join us and achieve the maximum outcome for your investment.

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