Learn how to promote your NFT on Twitter with this easy guide

Promote your NFTs on Twitter

If you’re not already promoting your NFTs on Twitter, you’re missing out. Twitter is the platform of choice for many NFT artists and traders. With its high rate of user engagement, user-friendly features and accessible short-form content, it’s ideal for promoting your work. It allows you to reach a large audience size easily with concise announcements, tease out new content and build hype around your upcoming releases.

Check out these tips and tricks to boost your NFT Twitter engagement!

Create a Hashtag

When adding hashtags to your Tweets, you want to choose ones that are specific to your brand and ones that are trending. Consider creating a unique hashtag for your brand as a whole and then hashtags relevant to your individual NFT collections. This will make it easy for your audience to track your new releases and find information about your collections. Then you should add some hashtags that are popular so that your work gains exposure to new audiences. Do some research and find out what’s trending!

Meet the NFT Twitter Community

Take the time to see what other NFT projects are in the works. Following and interacting with like-minded people is a great way to start growing your own audience. Consider partnering with established NFT projects. To do this, find people with a similar audience and vision as you and consider reaching out and suggesting a collaboration. This is a great way to join the community and get your work out there!

Get people talking

The key to effective NFT promotion is creating hype before you release your collections. You could Tweet hinting at exciting news! Consider emphasizing your release as limited so users get excited and feel an urgency to buy. The reaction you get to these Tweets can also be helpful in gauging interest.

Let people get to know you!

Say hello to your followers! This is a fantastic way to join the NFT community and build up strong partnerships. Post get-to-know-me content or behind-the-scenes shots! Another great tactic is to retweet content from other creators that inspires you. At the same time, make sure your social media isn’t a one way street. If your audience speaks to you – speak back! Consistently respond to comments to create a sense of community.

Run a contest or Give away

Get people excited about your NFTs by running a contest or giveaway. You could ask your audience to repost one of your Tweets, follow your account, or tag their friends in your comment section. The more they do – the more entries! This is an easy way to generate awareness and boost your Twitter engagement.

Consider Signing up for Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is an opt-in paid monthly subscription that gives Twitter users access to premium features. Twitter Blue is available for users in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for iOS and Android.

Part of the subscription is access to Twitter Blue Labs, where subscribers are able to try out new features before they are released to the public. One of the features currently offered is to make your NFT your profile picture. If you use this service, your NFT will display in a special hexagon shape which verifies you as the owner of that NFT. This is an excellent way to promote NFTs on Twitter. To learn more about Twitter Blue, or for instructions to subscribe, click here.

Otherwise, keep an eye on their Twitter @TwitterBlue for updates and for this feature to (hopefully) go public!

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