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What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. It allows you to reach an extensive list of potential customers with precision targeting, using an ad budget however big or small.

Setting up your account and creating ads for the first time can be overwhelming but with this quick guide, you’ll be able to learn the basic ins and outs of the platform and start advertising on Facebook in no time!

1.Create an Account with Facebook Ads Manager

First you will need to create a Facebook Business Account. To do this, go to business.facebook.com create and click ‘create business’. Follow the prompts and fill in your business details.

You should now have access to your dashboard. This where you can create, optimize and track your ads across Facebook and Instagram.

Now you can connect your business page. Under “Businesses Settings” on the left-hand menu, click on “account” and then “pages”. Enter the relevant page URL to add the page. If you do not have a business page, you can click “add new page”.

Then create a Facebook Ads management account and link the relevant business page. Under the accounts tab, click the blue “Add” button and select “create a new add account” or, if you already have one you can request access to it.

Go into your ad account settings and make sure you have a payment method attached to your account. This is also where you can invite other team members to access and manage the account.

You may also want to set up a Facebook Pixel. A Pixel is a piece of code which helps Facebook track user behaviour. This will allow Facebook to find people most suited to your campaigns, retarget audiences and provide more comprehensive metrics.

For instructions on how to create a Facebook Pixel, click here

Now you are ready to start running your ads!

2.Choose an objective.

The first stage in creating a campaign is to choose your objective. This is the goal of your campaign and impacts who Facebook’s algorithm shows your ads to.

Depending on the nature of your business and its broader marketing strategy, your objective might be to generate brand awareness, consideration or get conversions.

If your business hasn’t conducted advertising on Facebook before, consider focusing on increasing brand awareness and generating leads.

3.Choose your audience.

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences based on their age, gender, location, language, hobbies and interests. Facebook will show you the estimated audience size as you change the demographic settings.

It can be helpful to think about your paradigm customer and how the demographics apply to them.

Consider narrowing your audience throughout the duration of the campaign as you collect data. You may want to consider your competitors in the area. For example, if you are running ads for a gym and there are several in the area, narrowing the target radius may improve your results and ensure your budget is being used effectively.

4.Set your budget.

Setting a budget for your Facebook ads is totally up to you and the needs of your business – you can spend as much or as little as you like and experiment with different capacities.

If you are concerned about going over your budget, you can set a daily budget or a lifetime budget which will cap the ad spend.
Note that if you select a lifetime budget, the daily spend may fluctuate over the duration of the campaign due to Facebook’s algorithm to optimize how your ads are seen.

5.Submit and Monitor your Ad

Once you have submitted your campaign, it can take up to 24 hours for Facebook to approve (but it’s usually just a few hours) and you’ll get notified when it’s up and running.

To monitor your ads performance, find the Account Overview tab on your Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll see a reporting dashboard of campaign performance.

If something isn’t right, it is easy to go back and edit your ads – just click ‘edit’ on the dashboard.

Note that it can take a couple of days to let your data settle and get an accurate picture of ad performance.

You can also get the Facebook Ads Manager app to check up on performance on the go.

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