6 Tips to Master Marketing Automation

With 90% of marketers regularly using more than one marketing automation software, knowing how to implement marketing automation is just the first step. Staying a cut above the rest requires further expertise. GrowMOFO’s industry leaders have put together six tips that will put your digital marketing strategy on the map.

1. Tailor Your Tone

Keeping the tone of your brand’s voice consistent is essential for building trust with your audience. However, this voice should also consider the style of each social media platform it engages with. For example, LinkedIn is a professional platform for corporate networking, so these posts require a more confident and professional tone than Instagram.

2. Post At Optimal Times

Though set days and times are considered optimal for most businesses, using organic insights and analytics from your previous posts to sharpen reach is vital. For example, if your target audience works casual hours, posting later at night may be more successful than during the recommended lunch break of a 9 to 5 office worker.

3. Create Content Pillars

Brainstorming the type of content your social media posts should align with based on your brand identity requires a keen eye for cultural trends. Creating content pillars that feedback your business and engage with social media trends is key to developing consistent and comprehensive engagement.

4. Save Assets for Later

Being a small-to-medium business owner often means you’re run off your feet. Inspiration for social media content may come between important meetings or after hours during your downtime. Having one location to quickly draft a caption idea or save an image on the fly means those lightbulb moments never fade.

5. Find The Best Frequency

Knowing how often to post on your business’s social media accounts can feel like a balancing act. Posting too much can agitate your audience, whereas posting too little can fail to capture enough interest in your product or service. Though it is generally recommended that you post 1 or 2 times a day, relying on your social media campaign analytics is the best way to tailor a successful posting frequency.

6. Push Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is described as social media posts that are relevant regardless of time or location. For example, a blog listing ‘Melbourne’s Top 10 Restaurants of 2019′ only captures readers from or travelling to Melbourne and supplies information no longer needed in 2022. Pushing Evergreen content allows a business to consistently generate interest anywhere and for an infinite amount of time.

Understanding how marketing automation works is not enough to push your business into the spotlight. With most companies implementing automated marketing software, sourcing insider tips and tricks is essential for a successful social media strategy. Try a free demo of GrowMOFO’s automated digital marketing platform to put our advice into action.

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