How Apple is blocking Facebook Conversion Campaigns

Over2 billion peopleon Facebook are subjected to adverts every day. These billions of eyes provide brands with endless opportunities to target their demographics, using data collected from their audiences’ movements via the web.

Recently, Apple announced that their new update (iOS 14) would hinder conversion campaigns, requiring apps to ask users for permission to collect and share their data. This new update will affect how we receive and process conversions, with a tool like Facebook Pixel becoming almost obsolete. Business tools that typically optimise, target, report, and advertise on mobile apps will be affected too.

This new update was released last year and is known as ‘App Tracking Transparency‘ – which Apple will be implementing for all apps throughout 2021. Before this feature came about, users would have the option to turn on Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) – which does a similar thing to ATT – if they wanted to block advertisers from using their information. The new update will now do this automatically for all websites and apps.

What does the iOS 14 update mean for your Facebook Advertising?

The short answer? No one knows as of yet. We’re aware the concept of “cookies” will become deeply flawed with this new update in place. The only reason users are subjected to our adverts is due to the data collected from websites they’ve browsed or what we’ve interacted with previously. Facebook cultivates this data so we as brands can use it to target specific demographics unless they’ve opted out previously.

Brands will still be able to run Facebook ads. Still, they will be greatly impacted, and the ability to track will significantly reduce. Right now is the time for brands to use the data they own already, such as emails – and utilise it to the best of their ability.

To keep updated, head toFacebook Business Help Centre.

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