NFT marketing guide for instagram

In the last couple of years, Instagram has begun to integrate NFT’s into their platform, allowing users to connect their digital wallets and share NFTs with their followers. Think of this like a gallery, where people can view and buy your art! Posting NFTs on Instagram is an excellent way to promote your work and reach new audiences.

To get started, first you’ll need to connect your digital wallet to Instagram.

Go to your Instagram profile and click the icon on the top right-hand corner. Here, click on Digital Collectibles. Select the wallet you want to connect. This will cause your wallet’s app to open and ask you to log in to your account – and that’s it! If you get stuck, click here for further instructions.

Now you’re ready to start posting NFTs on Instagram!

To prove authenticity, Instagram adds a shimmery effect on the image and displays relevant information like the description of the collection to your NFT.

The value of your NFT is heavily influenced by how well you are able to promote it. The key to boosting your NFT sales is building a strong brand and emphasizing its rarity. You want potential buyers to be invested in your projects – you need to make them care about who you are and generate hype around your releases.

Use these NFT instagram post ideas to get started!

1. Join the community

Take the time to see what other NFT projects are in the works. Following and interacting with like-minded people is a great way to start growing your own audiences. It can also be a good idea to consider partnering with established NFT projects. Find people with a similar audience and vision as you and consider reaching out and suggesting a collaboration. This is a great way to join the community and get your work out there!

2. Generate hype!

The key to effective NFT promotion is creating hype before you release your collections. You could share an Instagram story hinting at exciting news! Consider emphasizing your release as limited so users get excited and feel an urgency to buy. The reaction you get to these posts can also be helpful in gauging interest.

3. Use tags effectively

When adding tags to your Instagram posts, you want to add tags specific to your brand and tags that are popular. Consider creating a tag for your brand as a whole and then tags relevant to your individual NFT collections. This will make it easy for your audience to track your new releases and find information about your collections. Then you should add some tags that are popular so that your work gains exposure to new audiences. Here are some popular tags for NFT posts.

4. Introduce yourself and engage with your audience!

Share content that lets people meet the real you! This is a fantastic way to join the NFT community and build up strong partnerships. Post get-to-know-me content or behind-the-scenes shots! Another great tactic is to share content from other creators that inspires you. At the same time, make sure your social media isn’t a one way street. If your audience speaks to you – speak back! Consistently respond to comments to create a sense of community.

5. Run a contest or Give away

Get people excited about your NFTs by running a contest or giveaway. You could ask your audience to repost one of your stories, follow your account, like your page, or tag their friends in your comment section. The more they do – the more entries! This is an easy way to generate awareness and get your name out there. You could offer up early access to your releases or exclusive sales.

6. Use Reels!

Reels are a fantastic tool to produce engaging and unique content. You could make a video showing the process of your making the NFT, talking about your inspiration, or teasing out your next collection.

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