Top 5 reasons why small businesses are going online in 2020

Not sure why so many small businesses are opting to go online? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! A lot of brands who’ve purely invested in brick and mortar, maybe a website or a few Google Ads, are unsure of the benefits that come with moving onto social platforms. As a small business, it’s important that you utilise as many free resources as possible. Considering that there are over 3 billion consumers using social networks across the globe, as a small business or start up you’d have to be crazy not to jump online, especially in the current climate. There are so many reasons as to why you’d want to get your business online, here are just a few:
  1. ROI Social Media can help you boost your brands sales like no other – whilst keeping your marketing spend at a manageable amount. Using social media attracts customers, potential prospects and essentially keeps overall costs down due to it being a free platform. What would cost $1 on Socials, will cost you $4 to $5 on search engines.
  2. Leads Social media allows brands to connect and spark interest with consumers. By running short campaigns or boosting posts on your social platforms, you are allowing your brand to be seen on a global scale, targeting completely new demographics and therefore generating potential leads. Leads lead to conversion, so the more the better!
  3. Awareness With the way that the world currently is, being online is the best thing a small business can do for its brand awareness. . It allows consumers to discover new products and services daily by promoting content and enabling engagement.
  4. Connection Consumers lack a lot of trust when it comes to brands. Developing trust with them on socials is the easiest way to build a connection with your consumer. Social Media allows your business to be more transparent, with the ability to see the brands personality and the people behind the work, giving the consumer more of an opportunity to develop a relationship with the brand.
  5. Communication Social Media allows you to talk to your consumers at any point. Consumers can message a brand on any platform and receive a response immediately – from either a real human or a chat bot (which can be easily set up by yourself or an agency). Socials can help you avoid crisis, support customers and ensure that a brand reputation is upheld.

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