What Makes an Engaging Facebook Post

How do you get your Facebook followers to stop scrolling past your posts without giving them a second glance? Here are some quick tips on what makes an engaging Facebook post, so your followers will have no choice but to pay attention.

Focus on one idea

Every Facebook post should focus on one single idea and provide enough context to explain that idea. Posts without context or substance will be met with indifference and backlash, not engagement. You can get away with posting a single image, but if you’re going to write a caption, it’s best to include as much useful information as possible. Think of your Facebook page like a digital brochure. Use it to promote your business and connect with fans—not just to fill space on their feeds.

Tell a story

A little bit of nostalgia or some humour goes a long way when you’re trying to make your post engaging. Throw in a story that relates to your product or service, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an engaging Facebook post.

Use emotive language

You should aim to write your posts in an emotive and engaging manner: “We love it when”, “How cool is”, “Guess what”, “You’re not going to believe this”- are some great ways to engage your readers. And if you don’t engage them, they won’t hang around long enough to listen to what you have to say. So make it interesting! A content scheduler can help you plan and map out the content you want to post and when, you can use this tool to ensure you’re using a range of content with different emotive language for each.

A/B test your posts

Let’s face it—you can’t just whip up a quick post on your lunch break and expect to reach a large audience. A lot of people try to do that, but only about 10 percent of your following will see any given post without doing anything special. By running A/B tests on your posts (if you use social media marketing software), you can determine what works best for you and ensure that you aren’t missing out on engagement.

Use video as often as possible

Though photos are great, they often can’t tell a story as effectively as videos might. Videos are engaging —it is easy to look at a 10-second clip and immediately be transported into another place or time. The same is true of photos, but videos bring it to a whole new level.

Ask questions and get readers involved

Once you have a bunch of content up, it’s time to reach out to your readers. Questions are a great way to do that. Ask what they want to learn more about. Ask them how they use whatever you’re writing about in their own lives and ask for specific examples of when or where they used it. Or, tell your audience what you’re going to be writing about next—and then actually follow through on it!

Try using emojis instead of words in certain places

Emojis have been shown to increase user engagement by as much as 93 percent, so it makes sense to use them in your Facebook posts. Try using emojis instead of words in certain places—for example, when you’re talking about a new project or product launch—to see if your audience responds better to visuals rather than text.

Add a call to action (CTA) at the end

If you want to take engagement to a whole new level, try adding a call to action at the end of your post. For example, you could ask people to like your page or tag someone they know who might be interested in what you have to say. If they’re invested in your post and believe it may help someone else, they might just engage with it. This also helps expand your audience and let people know what kinds of posts they can expect from you.

Understanding how to create engaging Facebook posts is just the first step, it can still be difficult to get started and understand effectiveness by interpreting the data provided in the Analytics. We’re here to make your life easier! Try a free demo of GrowMOFO’s automated digital marketing platform to put our advice into action and automate your ads.

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